Two Like Bonnie and Clyde (Somewhere) On The Run

(Zwei wie Bonnie und Clyde)

Comedy by Tom Müller and Sabine Misiorny   1F 1M 1Set

U: Rotationstheater Remscheid-Lennep, 25.3.1999

Barry and Sharon, alias Bonnie and Clyde, dream of big money, marriage in Las Vegas and spending their old age in South America. There’s nothing for it: they’ll have to rob a bank. Child’s play, they think. At least it would be, if the co-driver were able to read a map and not constantly mix up left and right. Ending up in an old warehouse is the least of the would-be-crooks’ problems. It gets worse: Sharon, instead of picking up the money, has grabbed a customer’s shopping bag before leaving the bank. So another attempt is made, but again the devil is in the detail, those being: an enormous detour on the way to the bank, the sudden competition of other robbers, opaque tights and an empty petrol tank. In spite of more than one dress rehearsal, all Barry’s and Sharon’s attempts at becoming rich are doomed to failure. And if at least Sharon at long last seems to get her happy ending, it is thanks to coincidence more than to her intelligence.
“Two Like Bonnie and Clyde” presents the audience with a true humoristic tour de force. It is a grotesque adventure, the gags coming thick and fast with the pair of amateur crooks finding themselves in ever more hilariously absurd circumstances. A fast-paced comedy for two, this play has evoked riotous laughter and thunderous applause for many years. Apart from the brilliantly constructed and outrageously funny plot, the play has become so successful because it is easy to stage. Creating an empty warehouse is easily accomplished even on the smallest stages without too much effort and expense, thereby making “Two Like Bonnie and Clyde” the ideal production for guest performances.

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02.02.16   Theater im Palais e.V.   99084 Erfurt Premiere